Benefits of Company Cell Phone Monitoring

Business owners are always on the lookout for employee monitoring software reviews to help them find great cell phone monitoring app for their company phones. With the wave of technological advances that has been around for some time now, businesses are shifting their tasks from being done in fixed workstations to mobile phones.

Mobile phones can access the internet as easily as a computer can, it is very portable and also has text messaging apps, the most popular means of communications in the world. There was a debate on the legal basis for monitoring employees but it was put to rest some years ago with some stipulations. Employee cell phone monitoring is legal only if the phone being monitored is issued by the company.

Monitoring should also only be done for business reasons. This means that monitoring company phones is prohibited if the purpose is just to check on all employee communications, whether personal or business-related, but allowed if the purpose of monitoring is to determine how much time the employee is spending on time-wasters.

What Can be Monitored using Cell Phone Monitoring Apps?

As mentioned above, there are certain stipulations and conditions that must be met for the employee monitoring practice to be legal. The monitoring should be limited only to some things that an employee does with the company phone. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Monitoring Emails and Messages.

This is probably the single most important employee activity that should be monitored by every business for several reasons. Emails and messages are used for communications, and are often the reason why employees waste their time. They email and text people who are not from the company for personal reasons and every minute they spend texting, creating instant messages or emailing other people outside of work is a minute that they spend on an unproductive activity for the business.

There is also the question of what is in those messages and emails. Data leakage has always been a problem and a threat to a company. Leaking sensitive and business-critical information about their clients or employees can spell disaster. Having a monitoring app capable of accessing emails and SMS apps can let a business owner know when rules about their data security practices are being broken and a data leak is about to occur.

Physical Locations of Employees.

Many businesses have mobile employees, like delivery guys, carpet cleaning guys, bus drivers, etc. They go all over the county, the state or the country and it can be a pain to track them without GPS. However, they may leave their vehicles sometimes and you will be tracking the vehicles and not the employees. Fortunately, they don’t leave their company phones behind. Business owners can track their company phones and so track their employees and their locations.

Employee monitoring can also let business owners know what websites their employees visit and how long they are visiting those websites. Truly successful employee monitoring practices use powerful cell phone monitoring apps like Highster Mobile. It can access just about the entire company phone, making monitoring easier. Learn more about the app by visiting right now!