Good Parenting Tips from Stranger Things TV Show

Let’s celebrate the fact that there is positive stuff that we can draw out from the Stranger Things TV show. They are making an effort to portray a lot of lessons that not only kids can learn from but parents, too. There is already a flood of negativity from various TV shows around the world that we could use some freshening up on our familial values and basic humane principles.

The target of the show would initially point out to kids because the main characters are mostly children but it tries to tap into friendships and relationships as well. With a focus on family relationships, there are a lot of good parenting ideas that the characters are trying to depict.

Here are a few of the juice on what you learn from Stranger Things about good parenting:

The parents’ presence

Absent parents leave a negative trace on the children. If we take it from the Wheelers, no matter the structure of the family and whether the parents are still together or not, the parents must try their best to be there for their children. Despite the busy schedule at work and the constant struggle in running the household, there must be room for the children to bond with them. Children learn from their parents’ actions, and if there are no parents present, what would the children feed their thoughts while growing up? I can’t think of many convincing things. If parents, on the other hand, try to be more engaging with their children, there’s a greater chance for them to know each other and guide their children in their growth.

Parenting despite the pain

There will be bad days. Every family knows that. The parents carry their own pain just as the children carry theirs. But, even though no one can ever become a superhuman in real life, parents have to be parents despite the pain. Will’s mother suffered so much pain when Will got lost. Along with that, she has another son to take care of while she’s longing for Will to come back. She had to fight it because mainly, she didn’t have another choice. Only that she has to be a good parent despite the hardship.

Parents aren’t perfect but they try

Whatever the season, parenting is never easy. They go through many phases of their children’s lives at the same time that they’re dealing with theirs. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler experienced some withdrawn attention to their children in some parts of the show. They are trying to show that this can happen to people. Parents trip on some mistakes. And, that’s completely normal.