Highster Mobile Review for 2020

Numerous phone spy applications have swarmed the market and as we open up a new decade, you would want to know more of one of the best currently available with this Highster Mobile Review for 2020.  Highster Mobile has been in the market 8 years back and has become widely used by thousands of people to monitor mobile phones. It can give you access to almost everything on a cellphone without having it in your possession. From text messages, calls, emails, GPS locations and more, it will be accessible to you on a computer, tablet or another phone instantly. All you need is a steady internet connection and you’re good to go.

Highster Mobile works on both Android and iOS phones, making it available to everyone. However, there are minor setbacks to this software as it does not receive Viber, Kik and some messenger apps. But these cannot hold back Highster Mobile as it offers a simple yet reliable design, with exceptional customer support and value for your money being cheap with no monthly fees. 

Highster Mobile for iPhone

You can rely on Highster Mobile because it gets information from the iPhone and other Apple devices through the cloud. You won’t need to have access to the device as it will connect to your iCloud account and collect data from there. All data will be sent to your phone in a cinch. Likewise, you don’t need to have your iPhone jailbroken for it to work on iCloud. Highster Mobile works on iPhone models as old as iPhone 5 series to the newest iPhone 11 series. You also don’t have to worry as it supports all cell phone carriers in all countries.

Highster Mobile for Android

As much as Highster Mobile excels in iPhones, it does not leave out Android phones. It works impeccably with any of Android’s operating system which makes it convenient for anyone to access any Android device.

Highster Mobile is perfect for employers to use in tracking their employees’ activities with Android company phones. This app could help them detect if their employees are getting their jobs done and not wasting their time on irrelevant things.  

Moreover, parents could absolutely make use of this app when monitoring their children to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Parents can rely on Highster Mobile as it will let them know if their children are doing something wrong such as bullying someone or sharing nude photos to others.

How to Install Highster Mobile

You don’t need to be a computer or tech expert for you to install Highster Mobile. This app could be installed in less than a minute with three easy steps. First, you need to text the download link to your target phone. Then open the text message and link. Lastly, tap on a few activation links and voila! You are all set up.  Highster Mobile is ready for you to use and will immediately collect data from your target phone.

Features of Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile allows you to access sent and received messages and calls, social media apps, photos and videos, web browser history and GPS location. It also has profanity alerts that could tell you explicit words or activities were searched online on the phone. What’s more, is that Highster Mobile is undetectable. Your employee or your child will never know you had it installed on their phones.

Customer Support

Customer Care is one thing an app should not be without. Highster Mobile boasts of excellent customer service with its LIVE customer care representatives who are ever ready to answer all your queries and resolve your issues with the app.


For the price of $69.99, a one-time payment fee, with no added monthly fees and hidden charges, no better app has value for your money.

Final Thoughts

All things considered – such as functionality, flawless features, simple user-interface, fair price, and LIVE customer support – Highster Mobile would be at the top among the choices of spy software in the market.

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