Is Upgrading To The iPhone XS Worth It?

The iPhone XS and XS Max are here and the hefty price tag is making a lot of iPhone users wonder if the latest models are worth paying the high cost of these phones. If you’re on a contract with a major carrier you might be able to get a special deal or incentive that will cut the price a little bit but if you’re not the phone cost starts at $1000 and goes up from there depending on the features and size that you want. For most people, that’s a hefty investment, especially after paying $1000 last year for the anniversary iPhone, the  X. Is the iPhone XS enough of an upgrade to justify the high cost?

Is It Worth It?

That really depends on how much you use your phone and whether or not you will use the upgraded features that the XS and XS Max have. The XS Max has a larger screen than the X, so if you need a phone that has a larger screen you should choose the XS Max model. One of the biggest upgrades on the XS series is the camera, which has upgraded to practically professional range. If you are an iPhone photographer or if you routinely use your iPhone for photography or if you are a social media influencer that takes a lot of photos then upgrading to the XS is probably worth it for you. You will be able to take much better photos that will help you get ahead and get more followers and build your brand.

And if you are someone that uses your iPhone for work as much as you use a computer then you also should upgrade to the XS because it has vastly improved performance. It is much easier to get work done on the XS, especially if you are the go and need productivity that can travel and still deliver results. The ability to work from anywhere seamlessly is a nice feature for people that are always working and need to be able to access files and work from a variety of different places.

So Will You Get It?

But if neither of those situations applies to you then you probably won’t get enough use out of the new features to justify the cost of an XS unless you simply want to have the latest iPhone. But if you upgraded your iPhone to the X or if you are happy with your 7 or 8 and they have all the functionality you need then you might be better off just sticking with your existing phone rather than dropping $1000 or more on the iPhone XS. I’d rather invest that $1000 in a new console system or something that I will get more use out of. But if you want to be able to take the best possible selfies and use spy apps you definitely should get the iPhone XS.